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Create a Coaching Habit

Our People Leader Book Club just finished reading The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier.  The book focuses on a few simple techniques anyone can use while coaching up, down or across…and even at home! 

Bonus points – the content also supports our practice of Situational Leadership.  There are very strong connection points to diagnosing development levels and providing the right direction and support to create a culture of self-reliant problem solving.

Everyone shared the ONE BIG THING they took away from the book.  Here are a few coaching key points:

  • Don’t ask questions that are leading or rhetorical.  Instead ask ‘What else?’, ‘What’s on your mind?’, ‘What’s the real challenge here for you?’, ‘What do you want?’.  And don’t think about a response while the other person is talking.  Talk less and listen actively!
  • It’s easy to jump into advice mode.  We all want to help!  Start with ‘What’s the real challenge here for you?’ to allow for independent problem solving.
  • When someone comes to you with a challenge, ask, ‘How can I help?’ instead of inserting yourself into the solution.  The answer they provide will help you diagnose their development level. (from Situational Leadership)
  • So often we ask multiple questions at once.  This does not allow the other person to stop and think – they try to deflect the multitude of questions being directed at them.  Ask a question, pause and wait three seconds for a response.
  • Coaching should happen informally, every day.   Ongoing feedback leads to growth and development!

Check out The Coaching Habit if you want to learn more. 

Spirit Week 2019

We recently held our third annual Spirit Week- a time that we celebrate our Freeosk culture and values leading up to our Summer Party.  This year was an exciting time to introduce our evolved values that are part of our Brand Blueprint.

The week was not short of fun and excitement.  We started the week by giving everyone our blueprint for growth- complete with a few tools to architect the direction we are moving in. We also learned a lot about doing a puzzle as a team- and a new level of competitive spirit our Freeoskers have!

We did several activities to bring our values to life- a ping pong zip line competition (Problem Solvers and Builders), how to make lemonade from lemons (Optimistic and Enduring Partners), and my personal favorite – our first Oskars Ceremony (Authenticity), where everyone is a winner!

We wrapped the week off with our summer party. First came a little pre-party fearless activity with some out-of-the-ordinary snacks. Then we made our way to the Riverwalk to enjoy drinks on a beautiful Chicago night.  

Thanks to everyone who made Spirit Week a great success!