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First Annual Freeosk Virtual Fun Run

After receiving the unfortunate news that the race he was training for would be postponed due to COVID-19, Steve, Sr. Manager of Mechanical Systems, took on the challenge of turning lemons into lemonade. The first ever Freeosk Virtual Fun Run was born! 

Freeoskers joined the #freeoskrunners Slack group where they shared training tips, playlists, and motivation throughout the weeks of training leading up to the last week of May – the official week to get in their run. Each person picked their race, everything from 5ks to half-marathons, and clocked great times! 

In typical Steve style – all finishers needed to post a post-race selfie to get their completion prize and be entered into a contest for best pic for some great prizes.

A great way to keep moving while at home!

Meet Laura, Director of Client Success

Laura has been with Freeosk for 5 years and has held 5 different roles – talk about growing, evolving, and becoming! Check out the questions we asked her to learn a little more about her Freeosk journey and what’s to come!

Out of all the roles you’ve held at Freeosk, which one do you think you learned the most from?
I’ve learned so much from all of the roles, I don’t think I could pick just one. My favorite part about hopping around the organization has been getting to work with so many different Freeoskers. It never ceases to amaze me—the great people we have at this company.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Freeosk so far?
I love all of the organic weird things that pop up at Freeosk. A favorite memory is when we had a huge snow storm and only about 10% of people made it into the office. Ryan designed custom “Freeosk Arctic Expedition” badges and handed them out to all of the “Brave Heroes” who made it into the office. Everyone was jealous. I still have that badge tacked up at my desk.

How would you describe the leadership style you’ve developed since being at Freeosk?
I get really hyped about big challenges, and I love how overcoming them allows people the opportunity to thrive. I value transparency with all things both good and bad, and I take feedback very seriously. I also think it’s important to keep things fun and energetic because you can do more when you are having a good time.

Tell us about a time you made a mistake and what you learned from it.
The biggest lesson I’ve learned here at Freeosk is that sometimes you have to be willing to make mistakes in order to progress. In fact, being so afraid to make mistakes that you are paralyzed is worse than actually making a mistake. So long story short, I’ve made a lot of mistakes but hopefully I’ve learned from most of them.

What are you most excited about for your new role as Director of Client Success?
Freeosk is going through a huge evolution right now with all of the new product offerings and the new business processes that go along with them. I am really excited to work with the team to figure out how we can continue to expand our business while maintaining a great client experience and streamlining the work we do with internal teams. The Client Success team is stacked with great people, so I am really excited to see everyone tackle the new work.

Creating Magnetic Moments at P2PX

We were thrilled to participate in the Path to Purchase Expo to introduce our new products to brands and retailers. It was also a great experience for the team to learn more about how retailers are adapting to changing consumer shopping behaviors.

Our teams worked collaboratively to flawlessly get us there. Creative, Digital, Sales and Engineering worked cross-functionally to figure out the best way to demo our new products.

The two day event was extremely productive, both showcasing our products at the booth and attending industry-leader speaker sessions. We even had a celebrity sighting – Rainn Wilson stopped by our booth to check out the Freeosk!

After a busy week, the team came together for a Donut Debrief to share learnings:

  • Client Takeaways
    • A handful of prospective clients said: “I’ve always wanted to work with you but I don’t have samples…” Great news – we have new Freeosk experience products that solve for that challenge! 
    • Others offered: “We are excited to learn how to plug your data into our customer journey.”
  • Internal Takeaways
    • Creative and Sales came together to prioritize our next client marketing piece related to myths about Freeosk
    • We identified a new term: We create magnetic moments in the path to purchase experience. Consumers are drawn to Freeosk. And that relationship has value to both consumers and brands.

We are excited to take this momentum into 2020!

Pumpkins, Boos and a Fidget Spinner…

There were pumpkin guts galore in the St. Joseph and Chicago offices as teams planned and executed their carving designs for our annual contest! The Analytics team even roasted (and shared) their pumpkin’s seeds in the office toaster.

The designs ranged from a spooky ghoul asking “Would you like a free sample?” to the cutest Owl-oween pumpkin affectionately named Owlivia. The teams put a lot of great effort into their carvings and Freeoskers voted on their favorites to award prizes to the top 3.

Freeoskers also dressed their best for the costume contest! Prizes were awarded for “Scariest”, “Funniest”, and “Totally 2010’s” costumes. Even our Bevi and lobby Freeosk got in on the fun.

1st Place: WYLAFS? – Engineering
2nd Place: Man eating Kiosk/ Osk 13.00 – Engineering
3rd Place: Ding – Software Development/Creative

Funniest: Baby Shark
Totally 2010s: Fidget Spinner
Scariest: VSCO Girls

Create a Coaching Habit

Our People Leader Book Club just finished reading The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier.  The book focuses on a few simple techniques anyone can use while coaching up, down or across…and even at home! 

Bonus points – the content also supports our practice of Situational Leadership.  There are very strong connection points to diagnosing development levels and providing the right direction and support to create a culture of self-reliant problem solving.

Everyone shared the ONE BIG THING they took away from the book.  Here are a few coaching key points:

  • Don’t ask questions that are leading or rhetorical.  Instead ask ‘What else?’, ‘What’s on your mind?’, ‘What’s the real challenge here for you?’, ‘What do you want?’.  And don’t think about a response while the other person is talking.  Talk less and listen actively!
  • It’s easy to jump into advice mode.  We all want to help!  Start with ‘What’s the real challenge here for you?’ to allow for independent problem solving.
  • When someone comes to you with a challenge, ask, ‘How can I help?’ instead of inserting yourself into the solution.  The answer they provide will help you diagnose their development level. (from Situational Leadership)
  • So often we ask multiple questions at once.  This does not allow the other person to stop and think – they try to deflect the multitude of questions being directed at them.  Ask a question, pause and wait three seconds for a response.
  • Coaching should happen informally, every day.   Ongoing feedback leads to growth and development!

Check out The Coaching Habit if you want to learn more. 

Spirit Week 2019

We recently held our third annual Spirit Week- a time that we celebrate our Freeosk culture and values leading up to our Summer Party.  This year was an exciting time to introduce our evolved values that are part of our Brand Blueprint.

The week was not short of fun and excitement.  We started the week by giving everyone our blueprint for growth- complete with a few tools to architect the direction we are moving in. We also learned a lot about doing a puzzle as a team- and a new level of competitive spirit our Freeoskers have!

We did several activities to bring our values to life- a ping pong zip line competition (Problem Solvers and Builders), how to make lemonade from lemons (Optimistic and Enduring Partners), and my personal favorite – our first Oskars Ceremony (Authenticity), where everyone is a winner!

We wrapped the week off with our summer party. First came a little pre-party fearless activity with some out-of-the-ordinary snacks. Then we made our way to the Riverwalk to enjoy drinks on a beautiful Chicago night.  

Thanks to everyone who made Spirit Week a great success!